For much of the US, the hottest time of the year is in July, which means the dog days of summer are right around the corner. While summer brings plenty of different concerns- many of them weather related– the heat itself can also pose risks. What do you need to know in order to stay calm, cool, and collected this year? Today, we have our best tips gathered all in one place. Plus, keep an eye out for upcoming info on how to protect your home as well!

Tip #1: mind the time

The hottest period of the day is typically between 10am and 3pm, although this may vary from climate to climate (and sometimes day to day!) but in general, these hours are roughly those with the most intense sun and heat. If you have errands or activities that will take you outdoors, try to get them done before or after this period, especially in the early morning and evening when the sun is lower in the sky.

Tip #2: choose the right fabrics

The correct material for the job will make all the difference in terms of staying cool and comfortable during the hottest months. For clothing, gravitate towards linen, cotton, and moisture-wicking materials that allow your skin to breathe and keep sweat at bay. When it comes to the home, a heavy or even blackout curtain can help lower the temperature indoors by keeping out the sun’s heat.

Tip #3: if you can, use a fan

Fans are some of the most underrated secret weapons in the fight against the summer heat. They help to circulate air, which naturally cools it down. This same circulation can also help boost a faltering air conditioning system by carrying the cool air around the house instead of keeping it in the most insulated rooms. Ceiling fans are a good place to start, but box fans or even small desktop models will also help. When the weather is milder, you can place a fan inside an open window to move cool air without using your HVAC system.

Have a safe, healthy, and happy summer with these tips and keep an eye out for more coming in our next post! Best wishes from the entire Flood Medix family.