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Your carpet is part of the center of your home. After all, your feet travel across it every single day!

It surrounds to your favorite couch, is a padded wrestling spot for your kids, or the perfect place to sit and enjoy a quiet moment.

Wet carpet, on the other hand, is an entirely different ballgame. It’s messy, uncomfortable, and can lead to all different types of household issues if it’s not dealt with effectively.

But before you can start solving the problem, you have to answer a big question: why is my carpet wet?

Washing machine hoses

Washing machine pipe break

One of the most common sources of water in the carpet is the incoming water hose that connects to your washing machine.

A single break can release a huge amount of water in a short time, and the hoses themselves are under almost constant pressure. To prevent damage, turn the hose valves on when you start washing clothes, and off when you’re finished.

You should also replace them according to the manufacturer’s directions, usually every five years or so. Get the ones with an insurance policy that will pay for any damage they may cause.

Naughty toilets leak!

Toilet tanks

No one wants a leaky toilet, but if the issue is small, it can be easy to miss even when you’re paying attention- until the water has spread to your carpeting.

One way to test if your tank is leaking is to place a small amount of food coloring into the tank and wait for a few minutes. If the color starts to appear in your toilet bowl, you have a leak!

Repairing these leaks promptly will save you a lot of time and a lot of stress in the long run.

Central heating

Condensation pump leak

If you have a sealed central heating/AC system with a condensation pump, leaks can spring up.  Wet ducts can drip condensation and even full-leaking into your home from the system itself.

If you have damp carpeting, check the pressure gauge of your heating system. Constant fluctuation can be signs of a leak, as can any leaking or dripping from the pressure release valve on the system itself.

Make sure you check here if you have unexplained dampness in the carpet, and have your heating system serviced to solve the issue.


Bottle broke

Accidents happen, but if they aren’t properly cleaned, even a simple household spill can cause damage to your carpeting. If something spills, you should clean it up right away, preferably blotting the moisture out with a towel or tee shirt to absorb the liquid rather than rubbing.

If it has penetrated deeply, you can even fold a towel and leave it on top of the spot with something heavy to weigh it down overnight. If your carpet feels damp and you can’t find an obvious reason, there may be a forgotten or unnoticed spill that hasn’t been cleaned!

What now?

Once you’ve found the cause of your damp carpet (or even if you haven’t yet) you need to prevent further damage.  Then make sure that things are clean and dry so you can enjoy your space the way you want to. Give The Flood Medix a call at 770-361-6180 and we’ll tackle your wet carpet right away so you can relax!