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Sneaky little refrigerator water lines — they start to drip, and the water pressure becomes a puddle, then a stream in your kitchen. Under pressure, the water line can pop off and begin a cascade of unfortunate events.

Recently a friend got up for a drink of water in the middle of the night. All was well and quiet.

A wet master bedroom floor will quickly be extracted and dried with our Xtreme Xtractor.

Don’t automatically assume that carpet must be ripped out — clean water like this loss can be extracted and carpet and pad can be dried. But only if you use an Xtreme Xtractor.

But when she woke up at 7 a.m., a small lake rippled in her office and living room. Her bedroom carpet was wet, as was most of the downstairs hardwoods.

She called me in a panic, and we came to help.

The Xtreme Xtractor makes drying carpet with pad easy - versus pulling out perfectly good carpet.
Take a ride on the Xtractor to get water out of pad and carpet.

We extracted and dried, and tore out ruined engineered hardwoods – getting them set up to be able to exist in the home while the drying proceeded.

It’s always a shock to realize “Today, I am moving almost everything in my house!” and “People are tearing my house up!” My job involves cushioning the shock and helping keep the site safe for workers and the owners. From moving china to bringing toilet paper — we help out wherever we can.

It is just a few days to dry, and a few more to get the flooring replacements in. The insurance claim takes longer, but the process is usually trouble-free. Thanks to my friends at Bonjour Floors and Down to Dump for a quick response to help us out! We look forward to seeing the home all back in order soon!

Small dumpsters are the right size for a job like this from Down to Dump.  They are delivered carefully to avoid breaking concrete.
Small dumpsters protect the driveway and are the perfect size for tearing our wood floors. Thanks, Down to Dump!