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Looking for mold in all the wrong places…

Mold is attracted to humid and dark areas but can grow anywhere in a household. If not dealt with quickly, mold can continue to spread and make people feel unwell.

Wet ceiling mold
Office ceiling with mold growing.

The Flood Medix is here to help you recognize signs of mold as soon as they appear. Then you can deal with the problem before it becomes a big problem.

Here are most common telltale signs that you have a mold problem on your hands. If you look for these signs within your home on a regular basis, you could potentially save yourself a lot of time and money as well as your health.

Your Wall Paint is Bubbly and Deformed

The first sign that mold is growing in your home, is a deformity on your walls or wallpapers. Bubbles on your wall indicate that there is moisture present.

If mold has not started to grow in these areas yet, this problem still needs to be taken care of immediately as mold will eventually start to form. It’s much easier to prevent mold than it is to remove it.

Black Marks on Your Wall

If you noticed the bubbling of your walls too late, dark rings and black blobs will start to cover your walls. If you notice this, a professional should be called as soon as you can. This means mold has already started growing and will become more severe as time continues.

Marks on Your Roof Insulation Checking your attic for mold should become a regular habit in your housecleaning routine as they are much more susceptible than other parts of the house. Look for only trace amounts of moisture and mold in the insulation on your roof.

The roof is a particularly risky place to develop a mold problem since it’s dark, humid, and hardly accessible. Grout mold usually comes from behind the tile.Simple cleaning is not effective.

Marks on the Grout Between Tiles

Grout can harbor mold
Just bleaching grout does not kill or remove mold growing behind the tile.

Grout can be a white or off white color and is a common place for mold to grow. If you notice dark spots clean the grout to make sure it is not dust or dirt and re-inspect the areas.

Don’t use bleach — that only bleaches out the color! Your AC Has a Weird Smell Basements left wet from flooding can quickly grow mold on many surfaces. Air conditioning units are a very common place for mold to grow as they are sometimes not used for long periods of time during the winter or spring.

This leaves a lot of time for mold for grow and easily allows for the spread of mold spores throughout the home once the unit is turned back on. Take precaution cleaning your AC unit before you turn the unit back on and if you do find mold call the professionals at The Flood Medix to help.

Your House Flooded?

Mold can grow in a home that has experienced a flood long after it has been dealt with. Make sure to check all areas the water touched such as the walls, door, door frames, window frames and furniture.

Final Thoughts

Checking for mold in your home should be a top priority as it can cause many health problems and in severe cases lead to death.

Call The Flood Medix to assess the situation and perform a mold removal if needed. We are available 24-7 for emergency water services at 770-361-6180.