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Insurance is used to protect your home and property from all kinds of damage- fire, water, electrical, natural disasters, and more. Here at the Flood Medix, we help deal with insurance claims and we know how stressful it can be as a consumer. There are many causes of insurable loss that can come out of nowhere, but some can be prevented. How can you identify problem areas and help get ahead of damage before it happens? Today’s blog will give you the tips you need to know.

Check your plumbing

Your plumbing should be checked regularly for leaks as well as wear and tear. This includes pipes in your bathrooms, kitchen, laundry room, and anywhere else water is directed. You should also check water heaters and hoses that connect to appliances. Keeping up with maintenance can help prevent future problems and leaks!

Inspect your roof

Yearly roof inspections will keep you ahead of leaks and other potential problems. You should hire a professional for the inspection, but if you decide to do it yourself, make sure you take safety precautions to prevent accident or injury. There’s always a risk to taking on home maintenance projects by yourself!

Tame the outdoors

Your yard can be a source of unforeseen hazards, so consider the following tips:

  • Install storm shutters on your windows
  • Make sure your pool is gated with child safety locks
  • Store lawn furniture and other large items away during storms and high winds
  • Trim tree limbs and have any old or dead trees removed

Keep your chimney safe

Make sure that when you use your fireplace, you always do so safely. Burn dry, seasoned wood in small, hot fires that will produce less smoke. Do not use your fireplace to burn cardboard or other trash! Always use some type of guard, such as glass doors or fireplace screens, and clear away decorations or debris from your hearth. You should also make sure that smoke alarms are installed, working properly, and kept with full batteries.

Safe storage

Your basement and garage are often collection places for clutter. This can be a fire hazard, and incorrectly stored chemicals can also lead to fires or hazards. Oil furnaces in basements should be inspected yearly, especially because they can puff out soot that will damage floors and furniture. In your garage or basement, keep tools and sharp objects stored away properly and out of reach of children at all times. Although it can be difficult, keep up with clutter and send some of it to a garage sale or Goodwill if need be. It’s better to keep clutter to a minimum for safety, and for your own peace of mind!

Household maintenance

There are also some small, simple things you can do around the home to lessen hazards and prevent issues along the way.

  • Empty your lint trap with every use
  • Clean out the pipe that vents warm air out of your dryer
  • Avoid drying clothes that have been soiled with chemicals
  • Do not place flammable items near stove burners
  • Never use water to put out an oil or grease fire
  • Keep an in-date fire extinguisher in your home