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We are currently in the Dog Days of summer here in the Southeast. Temperatures are up, the sun is blazing in the sky, and heat is intense! But there are some unexpected benefits to the sunlight, believe it or not.

Anti-mold abilities

Mold loves to grow in the dark and damp, and sunlight can eliminate one or both of those things! Sun will obviously rid the darkness that mold craves, which is why it’s common in basements an attics. The heat and light also help to dry up water as well as dampness and condensation. Open up your blinds and let the light in during the earlier and later hours, when it’s less hot.

Stain treating magic

Some mothers may already know this magic trick! Minor stains from blowouts and spit up can be treated with nothing other than sunlight. Launder them as usual, but do not use the dryer. The intense heat and tumbling can ‘set’ the stain, which is the opposite of what you want. Instead, lay the laundry out to dry somewhere safe and in direct sunlight. The rays will slowly bleach the stains away, and your items are good as new!

Health boosting properties

Sunlight is known for being a good source of vitamin D, but it’s more than that. Of course, the health benefits from vitamin D are many. They include:

  • Reducing the risk of heart disease
  • Reducing the likelihood of severe illnesses
  • Supporting immune health
  • Supporting calcium absorption
  • Aiding in bone density

One that is less well-known, however, is the mood-boosting power of sunlight! Vitamin D from the sun may help regulate mood and reduce depression. That’s a good reason to catch some rays every day!

If you need help with water damage or mold remediation, let the Flood Medix make your day! Our expert team is happy to help you get back to catching some rays and enjoying your summer.