Here in the Southeast, we have had a sudden spurt of rain! Although spring is often seen as the rainy season, in this climate, winter is too. When rain falls, it’s good news for plants, but it can spell serious trouble for buildings if the conditions are right. When the weather is wet, how can you prevent it from causing issues inside your home? This article will tell you what you need to know!


We have a whole blog post on preventing flooded basements, and when it comes to rain, the issues are mainly the same. Basements are, of course, at higher risk of flooding because they’re below the ground. Water follows gravity, and when there is too much, it will flow down. Sump pumps are a great fail-safe to deal with a flooding event, but the best step is prevention, not cure. Ensure that your basement is well sealed to prevent leaks from getting in, and pay special attention to the next step!

Gutters and ground

When rain falls onto your roof and is funneled through your gutters, a surplus of stick and leaves or other debris can cause overflow and blockages. Gutters exist to guide the water where it should go, and when they can’t do this, it ends up in problematic places. This is exacerbated if the ground around your home slopes down towards the building instead of away from it. This causes rain to flow towards your house, and increases the risk for flooding activity inside, or even damage to your foundation.

Prioritize plants

On the topic of yard flooding, there are several things you can add to your yard to protect it. It’s not just about taking away gradient problems or flooded gutters! A big secret to protecting your yard from being over-saturated and directing damaging rainfall toy our home is plants. Plants increase your yard’s ability to absorb rainwater, and also add beauty to your yard.

Plan ahead

The best way to prevent problems with rainfall is to know when it’s coming and plan ahead. Not every rain shower is a big risk, but the more rain there is, the more potential problems exist. Preparing and doing your best to protect your home in advance helps you keep abreast of flooding, and hopefully even prevent it from happening at all.

If you have questions about flooding or are experiencing an issue with rainfall, please contact the Flood Medix! Our expert team will be happy to help you out and develop a plan to deal with this upcoming rainy season.