Last week, we shared what to do when your roof starts leaking. But why do roofs leak in the first place? Is there a way to prevent roof leaks before they even start and save yourself the trouble? Keep reading for our best tips on how to protect your home and keep your roof in tip-top shape!


The United States experiences upwards of 3,700 hail storms per year. Hail isn’t the only thing that can damage your roof, but it is a very real cause that is impossible to prevent (we haven’t figured out a way to control the weather yet!) and difficult to predict. The best way to protect your roof from hail damage is to make sure it is constructed from a high-quality material rather than a cheap one. The more damage it can withstand, the less chance you face of having to do expensive repairs or even replacements. This will also help protect your roof against ice, falling branches, and other physical causes of damage.

Wear and tear

Roofs are just like any other area of your home- after enough time has gone by, it will begin to grow older and less secure. A regular roof inspection by a professional can keep you alerted to any possible issues, and give you the chance to repair them before they cause problems. It is much better to find a spot before it turns into a real leak and repair it right away. Remember, it’s easier to prevent than to repair.

old roofing shingles

Remodeling and changes

If your roof used to have a satellite dish or other add-ons, their removal can lead to tiny holes in the roof itself (or not so tiny ones!) and structural damage. You can also see damage from things like hanging items or decorations on or from the roof, or simply cause unintentional damage while you are on the roof to hang something or inspect it. Whenever possible, try to have a trained professional up on the roof- not you!

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