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When would you start preparing for a disaster like Hurricane Matthew?  When you are told to evacuate? When the weather starts to report it will hit in a few days? A week before when it’s not sure?  It doesn’t matter, just as long as you prepare!

One thing people most hate to lose is their identification papers and family photos.  Whether a fire or flood, you will not regret having those gathered together and easily grabbed in an emergency.  You can create a file box of those important documents like your insurance policies, mortgage and retirement accounts, your marriage license or passwords to your computer programs — ready to grab and go.

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family photos

Protect photos from flooding by putting them in a zip lock bag.

I would add my wedding photos, children’s pictures and childhood photos to that, slipping them into large ziplock bags, the freezer kind that are thicker and stronger.  That way, even if the box gets wet, the pictures will not.

You can also take pictures of those documents and pictures and upload them to the cloud so they will not be lost.  Also take pictures of your home, it’s furniture and possessions, cars and the exterior… so you have a “Before” record … just in case there is an “After.”

If important documents and photos do get wet, you can always pop them in a zip lock bag and put them in a freezer to hold them in cryo-suspension until you can get them to a document restoration specialist.  This will buy you time to restore them.

Many folks are sitting in traffic today because they dithered about leaving, couldn’t get the family in the car or just waited too long.  I have heard hotels are full for miles away, and shelters are filling up.  It hasn’t even hit and it’s an emergency.  Keep your gas tank full and let family and friends know where you are going… take your chargers and extra phone batteries and water, food, blankets and pets.

Water restorers will be waiting on the other side to help get your life back to normal.  Praying for everyone to be safe![/fusion_builder_column][/fusion_builder_row][/fusion_builder_container]