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Is painting over mold effective? NO!!

Can you paint over mold?

Although painting over mold gets it out of sight and out of mind, it’s one of the worst things we can do. Painting over mold harms your health and can even get you into legal trouble. Although the paint will “hide” the mold, it does not get rid of it.

Painting alone will not remove mold.

Will Paint Fix My Mold Problem?
As we stated before, painting over mold only takes it out of sight, it doesn’t fix the problem. The mold can and will continue to spread under the layers of paint until you can’t ignore it anymore.

Mold is a telltale sign that there is excessive moisture in the home, and it’s best to resolve the issue as soon as you notice it, rather than try to hide it.

Just a roller of paint… and a bucket of trouble!

The High Price of Painting Over Mold
Painting over mold is very common as many people care more about the appearance of their home rather than the actual issue at hand. Painting over mold, however, leads to more costly repairs in the future.
Painting over mold is only a short term solution. It will continue to grow until it starts showing again on the walls and by the time that happens, the damage will be much greater. This will require professional removal and repair at a much higher price than if the mold had been dealt with when it was first discovered.

The shadows are mold coming back through the drywall.

Additionally, painting over mold can cause legal troubles as well. If you sell a house or rent an apartment without mentioning the mold issue, you could get sued later for endangering someone’s health.
If you sell your home to a buyer who now has to spend a lot of money to remove the mold, they could also have a case against you.

Painter paints damp walls in an apartment with a special color

What About Mold Proof Paint?
Mold proof paint is a great option if you want to prevent mold from growing in the future, but it does not solve the issue if mold is already present.

There are some great paints from Sherwin Williams that can protect bathrooms and damp areas better from mold. You need to follow all their recommendations for prep, paint and a protective coating on top. It is estimated to last about 6 years resisting mold.

Mold on drywall often indicates removing that section plus 30″ in each direction of drywall.

Do I Have To Call A Professional?
If mold is present on a smooth surface, a professional doesn’t necessarily have to be called. But any porous surface must be cleaned with an approved mold killing chemical — not bleach!! Bleach takes out color from clothing and mold, but it doesn’t remove it. A professional is needed when you have mold in multiple spots, and throughout the home or basement/crawlspace.

Mold reappearing after being painted over

When you have mold on drywall and porous materials, they must be removed, as the mold grows into and through them to the wall cavity behind.

Call Flood Medix For An Expert
If you’ve found mold in your house, know that you may not be able to remove it yourself. Call The Flood Medix, an expert in this line of business, for a quote and plan to make on getting your house healthy again.