Here in Atlanta, we experience 50 inches of rainfall per year on average. This is hardly unusual for United States on average, which means that it’s always good to be prepared for plenty of rain. There are many ways to do so, but sometimes even the best preparations can’t prevent every problem. If your roof begins leaking during a rainstorm, what can you do?

Identify the problem

It might seem obvious, but the first step is to figure out whether or not your roof is actually leaking. The mere presence of water indoors doesn’t mean that the water is coming from your roof- even if it’s on the ceiling. There could be a damaged or burst pipe, rainwater coming in from poorly sealed doors or windows, or even a leaky appliance.

Catch the water

A stream of water into your house is never a good thing, no matter where it’s coming from! If there is an actual drip falling down into the house, set out a bucket or other large container to catch the runoff so it doesn’t spread. This will also help you keep track of exactly how much water is coming in at once.

Create a temporary solution

If you can identify the specific area of the roof where the leak is located, spreading a tarp or even improvised plastic sheeting over the spot can cover it enough to prevent rain coming in, thereby temporarily stopping the leak itself as long as it continues to rain. Even if the leak is only reduced, it can be a valuable measure for preventing damage to your home.

Call in the experts

A contractor or specialized roofing company should be your first call when you locate a leak- in order to prevent further damage and locate any other potential trouble spots that could begin leaking. Your second call- and one that is equally important- should be to a water restoration company. They will be able to mitigate the damage and get your home as good as new, like no water was ever there.

If you’re experiencing water damage from a leaky roof (or from anything else) please contact the Flood Medix! Our team of experts will you get on the way to restoration with as little stress as possible, and we are always happy to hear from you!