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Dogs are essentially family members- they live with us, eat with us, play with us, and bring us joy and laughter every single day. But like any other member of the family, they can also drive us crazy! One of the most common and most irritating issues that comes about when animals are brought into the home is destructive behavior- namely using the bathroom inside the house, whether on purpose or out of necessity. If you’re at the end of your rope or just want to make sure you’re taking steps to prevent this issue, keep reading for some tips on keeping potty problems to a minimum.

Why do dogs pee inside?

To solve the problem, the first step is finding the source. If your dog is regularly using the bathroom inside, there is likely a cause that can be solved or at least addressed to cut down on the problem. When dogs pee inside, it is often due to over-excitement, marking, or necessity.

To keep your dog from getting too excited and leaving a trail of urine in the house whenever someone visits, you can reward them for positive behavior- practice knocking at the door or having someone ring the bell, then get your dog to sit beside you calmly. Reward them with treats and praise, and soon they’ll be waiting patiently!

Marking is a dominant behavior that can occasionally stem from anxiety or stress. It is also repetitive, meaning that once a dog ‘marks’ a spot, they will continue to return there in order to mark it over and over again. To prevent this, you should spay and neuter your pets, and make sure they get sufficient play and exercise to burn excess energy. You can also deodorize the spot where they mark to discourage them from going there again.

Another cause of going to the bathroom inside can simply be that your pet feels he or she has no other choice. An adult dog can go for about 8 hours without using the bathroom when they need to, but they shouldn’t have to wait that long! Make sure your dog gets frequent potty breaks, especially if they are under a year old.

Simple solutions

If your dog has peed on the carpet and you need a quick fix to remove the smell, you can use a commercial solution from your local store to lift some of the smell and hopefully prevent your dog from being encouraged to go there again, whether they are marking or have chosen it as their emergency potty spot.

If you find a fresh stain, blot up as much liquid as possible with paper towels or old rags, then mix equal parts white vinegar and water and spray it on the spot your dog urinated. The scent of vinegar is repellent to dogs and cats, and will prevent them from wanting to use it again.

If you find an older spot of pee, especially if it has dried, you will likely need to use a commercial cleanser to clean it up and get rid of enough of the smell to prevent your dog from wanting to go there again. The smell will draw them back in as long as it’s there, so make sure you get rid of it and try to figure out why your dog is using that spot in order to prevent it happening again.

What next?

It may be tempting to rely on home remedies to remove the smell of pet urine, especially with so many out there, but they’re really more suitable as a short-term solution. Even if you can’t smell anything, your dog might still be able to- and particles of urine can remain in the carpet, discoloring it and leading to further damage or odor down the line.

Call the Flood Medix at 770-361-6180 and let us help you make a plan for totally restoring your carpet! We can not only lift visible stains and damage, but completely clean any remaining urine to prevent pets from wanting to use the same spot over and over again. No matter your carpet concern, we’re here to help.