Whatever the weather is like where you’re at (still hot and humid here in the Southeastern US) Autumn is coming! September 23rd to November 30th encompasses what most people claim as their favorite season. Cooling temperatures, holiday gatherings and brilliant fall colors- there’s a lot to love. So with the seasons changing, how can you be prepared to enjoy Fall to the fullest? One easy way is to prepare your house, not only to prevent issues or damage, but to make it a space you can relax and unwind in. These tips will help you get started preparing your home and life for fall, so that this autumn season can be your best yet.

Don’t skimp on security

As temperatures fall and days get darker, the rates of break-ins rise. Make sure you have a home security system that you can trust, and a security routine in place. Even a nightly ritual of locking doors and windows can help prevent a problem. Also, don’t be afraid to bring in the light yourself! Floodlights or driveway lights with motion sensors will help you keep an eye on what’s going on outside your window- even if it’s just the neighbor’s dog.

Prepare for rain

Fall can be a damp and drizzly season in many places, which is great for the ground and plants. But, it can cause major problems if you’re not prepared for the sudden increase in water. Gutters should be cleaned and maintained regularly so that they don’t back up and overflow. You should also make sure that the seals on your windows and doors are all still secure to prevent dampness from invading and causing mold and mildew. After a long, hot summer, the dimensions of your yard may have changed a bit as well. Do a quick walk-through of your yard to make sure that there isn’t anything piled up or erosion that will cause water to tilt and flow towards your home instead of away.

Think ahead for family trips

Our post on preparing for vacation is a great place to start for any upcoming trips! During the fall season, there is often a resurgence in travel. Family vacations during school breaks, weekends away, or holiday plans to visit friends and loved ones all keep us busy and away from home. Make sure you have a solid house-sitter lined up to take care of pets, plants, or even just to keep an eye on things. Don’t be afraid to unplug and switch off appliances, and make sure the ambient temperature of your home won’t send your electricity bill skyrocketing. One of the best things you can do is to make sure all water faucets are completely off, and there’s nothing increasing your risk factor for a home flooding event while you’re away. Even just tidying up before you head out will go a long way to keeping the element of calm going once your trip is over. It’s not a relaxing vacation if you come home to a mess!

Keep things cozy

Your home heating and air can make or break how good it feels to stay inside. As the temperature naturally cools, we want to turn our heat up and get cozy- but any malfunctions with your HVAC can turn that heat into a major headache. Backups in the line of your unit can cause leakages and condensation buildup, which create the dampness we know we want to avoid! Malfunctioning heating systems are also a risk for fires or problems with air quality. A quick check of your home heating and air systems, and a small bit of maintenance if needed, will a long way to keep you warm and stress-free.

As fall approaches, we here at the Flood Medix want you to enjoy every minute! If you have any concerns about water damage, mold problems, or other issues you think we can help with, please give us a call.