Cleaning up after fire gives me a totally new perspective on whether my home is prepared in the event of a fire.  Are my smoke detectors working (no, one needs a battery).

How old is my fire extinguisher?  So old, we tested and emptied it … from 1994 to be exact!

Cooking fire

A pot of oil left heating too long led to this fire.

Do I have any materials stored in a dangerous manner?  Hmmm… not sure…

Are there any electrical issues that need to be checked?  Burnt plugs and connectors … yep!

I think I fail the safety test!  But there’s hope, because I can work on all these things now, before a tragic fire causes so much more pain and trouble.

Recently I heard that fire alarms are now recommended in every bedroom if folks sleep with the door shut — so I need a couple more smoke detectors.  What is your fire prepa

ration status?