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When Refrigerator Lines Spring a Leak

Sneaky little refrigerator water lines — they start to drip, and the water pressure becomes a puddle, then a stream in your kitchen. Under pressure, the water line can pop off and begin a cascade of unfortunate events. Recently a friend got up for a drink of...
Keep Fires in the Fireplace

Keep Fires in the Fireplace

Fireplaces are my favorite — in winter I just about sit on the hearth to enjoy the warmth. Keep safe and enjoy a crackling fire by keeping an eye on it at all times. If you have to leave the room, make sure the guard is in place.. With my wood stove, I shut the...

Fight Fire With Prevention

Cleaning up after fire gives me a totally new perspective on whether my home is prepared in the event of a fire.  Are my smoke detectors working (no, one needs a battery). How old is my fire extinguisher?  So old, we tested and emptied it … from 1994 to be...