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When Refrigerator Lines Spring a Leak

Sneaky little refrigerator water lines -- they start to drip, and the water pressure becomes a puddle, then a stream in your kitchen. Under pressure, the water line can pop off and begin a cascade of unfortunate events. Recently a friend got up for a drink of water in...

Keep Fires in the Fireplace

Keep Fires in the Fireplace

Fireplaces are my favorite -- in winter I just about sit on the hearth to enjoy the warmth. Keep safe and enjoy a crackling fire by keeping an eye on it at all times. If you have to leave the room, make sure the guard is in place.. With my wood stove, I shut the metal...

Fall Prep for Winter to Avoid Frozen Pipes

Fall is a great time to make sure you are prepared for freezing winter temperatures - check out these tips: Water and plumbing issues can happen anytime. Winter, however, can create difficulty for your household pipes and fixtures. Frigid winter weather is the worst...

Fight Fire With Prevention

Cleaning up after fire gives me a totally new perspective on whether my home is prepared in the event of a fire.  Are my smoke detectors working (no, one needs a battery). How old is my fire extinguisher?  So old, we tested and emptied it ... from 1994 to be exact!...

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