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Holiday candles – how do you stay safe?

If you’re like me, nothing sets the holiday mood more quickly- or more easily -than burning a new scented candle. In fact, as I’m writing this, the sweet smell of sugar cookies and a gently flickering flame are getting me in the Christmas spirit! As...

Keeping mold out

Mold in the home can be the source of a long list of common but serious problems, anything from allergic reactions to carpeting damage to issues with the foundation itself! All of these things are issues we want to avoid, but you may be asking… how? After all, mold...

Cold weather and water damage

Fall and winter brings with them a host of things to look forward to- the holidays, gathering with friends and family, continuing fun traditions, and the changing of the seasons. Unfortunately, the chilly weather that accompanies them can also have some not-so-fun...